A career at Focuslight

Focuslight is a laser company that develops and manufactures high power diode lasers for a diverse range of markets. As a fast growing high tech company, we provide diverse opportunities for our employees to learn, develop and grow. We value each individual's contribution and are committed to building a work environment that promotes respect, openness, team work, and recognition.  We provide support and resources for our employees to develop and achieve their career goals. We offer a comprehensive and competitive compensation and benefits program.


 Career Paths

Talent is the cornerstone for a company’s success. Focuslight cares about each employee’s growth and is committed to providing varied forms of career opportunities to reach each individual career goals while fulfilling the company’s mission. We encourage employees to develop their careers based on their own interest and expertise. Our dual career ladder system allows                                                                                 employees to seek their career progression along either a managerial or technical track.

j8_05.jpgCareer Development

In Focuslight, we put the growth and development needs of employees as a priority. We strongly encourage and support employees’ personal and professional development. We help our employees create a personal career development plan, identify each individual development needs, and provide resources and support to achieve their career growth goals.

j8_05.jpgLearning & Development

Learning is a life-long experience. Focuslight provides employees diverse opportunities to learn continuously and grow professionally. We design and develop learning programs in professional, functional or technical areas that are critical in building individual, team and organizational competence in support of Focuslight growth.

j8_05.jpgCompensation & Benefits

Focuslight offers its employees a comprehensive and competitive compensation and benefits program. Our competitive compensation program is designed to reward employees based on their professional skills and work performance. We offer a number of benefits programs to foster employee health and work-life balance.

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