Focuslight Releases A New Laser Hair Removal VSmooth Series: Longer Lifetime Pulses and Longer Warranty


Xi’an, China, December, 2014—Focuslight Technologies announced the release of a new VSmooth series, a micro channel water cooled vertical stack diode laser product in the FocusMedTM Family. 


        New VSmooth Series\ 

Aimed at the demand of the hair removal market, the VSmooth series incorporate a new design and innovative technology to achieve the advantages of high optical-electrical conversion efficiency, high power density, long lifetime and low power consumption. Its quality and reliability enable customers to differentiate the performance of their hair removal systems for aesthetic market as well as serving the medical application market.

The VSmooth series comes with great innovations and improvements in thermal management, chip mounting technology, sealing and environmental material to promote its lifetime and reliability. Improved product robustness includes improvements in cooling water leakage, corrosion, condensation and micro-channel blockage. In addition, the VSmooth series offers a warranty up to 18 months and lifetime of 15 million pulses. Its excellent appearance is suitable for the higher-end market.

All products of VSmooth series complies with green environmental requirements and RoHs standards.

VSmooth series designed is dedicated for the laser hair removal application.  It is the perfect choice for development of new laser hair removal system, or upgrade option for existing hair removal systems.

About Focuslight: 

Founded in 2007, Focuslight Technologies is a fast growing high-tech company committed to research, development and manufacturing of high power diode lasers. Headquartered in Xian Shaanxi, China, Focuslight provides products to a variety of customers consisting of OEM, ODM and system integrators worldwide. With its extensive engineering expertise in thermal, optical and mechanical design to die bonding, FAC assembling and fiber coupling to system integration, Focuslight is dedicated to provide customers with well-matched comprehensive solutions for their specific needs. For more information, please visit

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