Focuslight LiDAR application introduce


Focuslight provides all kinds of micro optics for different LiDAR light source designs.The emitting light from a diode laser is diverging.By adding a FAC lens, the light along the fast axis could be collimated.By adding a SAC lens, the light along the slow axis could also be compressed.

Therefore, the angular resolutions of LiDAR are greatly increased in both horizontal and vertical directions.

For massive application, a single lens could be designed to achieve both fast axis and slow collimation at the same time, which is called a Monolithic lens.

With our micro optics, a light source is beam shaped into a line source, which therefore could be used to scan across the FOV by state of art approach.

For an area light source, such as Flash LiDAR, diffusers are available, to form a FOV of 90°~120°horizontally and 5°~40°vertically, with very good uniformity.

Being a refractive optical element (ROE), instead of diffractive optical element (DOE), our diffuser has the advantage of absence of zero order, eye safety, and as high energy efficiency as 90%. Taking the advantage of glass material, our diffuser has higher laser damage threshold, and therefore has constant performance, without degradation.

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