Announcement on demanding the cessation of infringement on the patents of the Fairy series produced by Focuslight Technologies Inc


Recently, Focuslight Technologies Inc. (hereinafter “Focuslight”) found that some manufacturers infringed Focuslight’s patent rights and misled customers or consumers  by publicly selling or offering to sell  the 1064nm laser beauty module for non-invasive laser lipolysis in exhibitions and the market without Focuslight‘s permission and official authorization. 

The 1064nm laser beauty module (Model FR02) in the Fairy series was produced by Focuslight and has already applied for utility model patent, Chinese invention patent, and PCT international patent, therefore ,we are under the protection of Chinse and International Patent Law.

The working principle of this series of products is to utilize 1064nm laser to penetrate the skin and enter the area where fat accumulate. The fat cells will be destroyed into fragments by the laser, phagocytosed by macrophages and metabolized through blood and lymph. Therefore, the number of the fat cell will reduce and consumers will achieve fitness and shape. The product has been widely praised by customers and consumers since launching in 2017.

Focuslight, as the lawful patent holder,  has demanded the infringing manufacturers to immediately stop all the infringement, especially the production and sale of any patented products, and  the infringing manufacturers shall destroy all infringing products and their advertising materials. If further infringement is discovered later, Focuslight will take further legal measures to safeguard our legitimate rights and interests, including, but not limited to, the initiation of legal proceedings.

Above, hereby declare!

Focuslight Technologies Inc.

April 11, 2019