LIMO poised for a strong new start in 2018


New perspectives for the age of light: Armed with a revamped structure and strategy, enhanced business operations and a new look, LIMO GmbH is setting new goals for technological innovation in the 21st century based on over 25 years of experience as an international player in the fields of laser beam shaping and micro-optics.

The future demands innovation. For over a quarter of a century, LIMO has been delivering technological advances in laser beam shaping and micro-optics as a pioneer of the “light age” while serving as an international driver of innovation. Now, with the consolidation of the companies previously affiliated under the banner of the LIMO Group into a single entity, rigorous organizational improvements and a new logo, LIMO GmbH is in an ideal structural and strategic position to do business in global markets as we enter 2018—and to use its beam shaping concepts and solutions to help customers from around the world implement innovative new technologies.

New developments at LIMO

A true innovation “offensive”: In September 2017, LIMO Lissotschenko Mikrooptik GmbH was consolidated into LIMO GmbH. Company founder Dr. Vitalij Lissotschenko had previously stepped down from his position as LIMO Group president and shareholder in 2016, and CEO Dr. Guido Bonati and Dr. Chung-En Zah have served as the new corporate management team since February 2017. Just in time for the start of 2018, LIMO has now also updated its look to reflect the changes taking place at the company, with a focus on continuity and innovation. The new logo is an evolution of the previous symbol and features a dynamic modern design with avant-garde lettering and a laser light line. The addition of the tagline “A Focuslight Company” underscores the organization’s synergies with Chinese company Focuslight Technologies, Inc., which has opened up new business opportunities for LIMO since becoming an owner in the spring of 2017. Known around the world for its high-quality and innovative optical components, beam shaping solutions, and laser and optics systems, the strong LIMO name will continue to stand on its own in the new logo. Bolstered by improvements to its structure, strategy, business operations and its look, LIMO is poised for a steady and focused pursuit of new opportunities in 2018.

Focus on application

Dr. Guido Bonati, LIMO’s Chief Executive Officer, notes: “We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished so far. That’s why we draw on our experience to constantly enhance LIMO so that we can offer our customers innovative systems for highly dynamic markets and, by doing so, help them to become more successful. The constantly growing list of areas that can be tapped into and revolutionized with photonic processes, along with the ever-increasing number of materials that can be processed, calls for new solutions. Our goal is to cement our close alliance with application industries, and to use our key technology to give our customers in the industrial, medical and research fields access to cost-efficient processes and system solutions with future potential. Our new logo also symbolizes this continuity and experience on the one hand, and on the other hand our innovative revitalization and focus on success.”

Decisive optics

In addition, the LIMO slogan “Beam Shaping Excellence” will also be retained, given that it denotes precisely that capability which continues to separate LIMO from the competition. Our focus is on high-precision micro-optics for all diode laser types, as well as innovative beam shaping solutions that are a key tool for harnessing the maximum economic and revolutionary potential of laser light. This includes laser and optics equipment such as laser systems with scalable line beam profiles or industrial laser systems for plastics welding, for example in the automotive or medical technology fields - technologies that give companies a decisive competitive advantage. After all, the laser source is not the only ingredient to implementing technically beneficial and cost-reducing production methods: The optics used are the deciding factor in how well the application will work. The use of laser sources in processing methods is already standard practice in virtually every industry. Many groundbreaking developments - such as those in the fields of electronic engineering, photovoltaics, display manufacturing, 3D printing, additive manufacturing, and energy storage - as well as the future trends in the automotive world would be impossible without laser technology. With our laser beam shaping and micro-optics expertise, LIMO helps drive technological evolution at the international level. For the century of light.

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