Core Technologies

Diode Laser

Hard Solder Bonding

Thermal Design and Management

Packaging Technology to Control Thermal

Surface Treatment and Thin Film Technolo

Testing Analysis and Diagnosis Technolog

Hard solder & totally Indium-free die bonding process, which effectively prevents the creep, electeromigration and thermal fatigue of indium solder, has been applied to all kind of high power diode lasers based on the CTE matched substrate with high thermal conductivity to enhance its lifetime and reliability.
Optimizing design in packaging structure and using advanced materiel with high thermal conductivity, effectively improve the ability of heat dissipation to ensure a higher output power of CW 200W & QCW 750W per bar.
Theoretically study and analyze the mechanism of thermal stress on the performance of high power diode lasers. Advanced thermal management technology which can lower and homogenize the thermal stress, has been developed to improve the device performance, such as lower smile, higher DoP and narrow spectrum.
Develop the specific technology of surface treatment process to enhance the characteristics of surface state of bonding materials for the increase of adhesive strength and long-time reliability of die bonding. Thin film Gold-tin eutectic solder has been developed in house, whose composition can easily to be adjusted for fulfilling the stable and reliable indium-free die bonding.
The performance stability mechanism of high-power diode lasers is improved, and develop the preparation technology of response which greatly improves the reliability and stability.

Micro Optics

Beam Transformation System (BTS)
Compact Beam Shaper
The BTS transforms the asymmetrical far field distribution of a diode laser bar into a nearly symmetrical beam parameter product. A symmetrical focus can be generated by an
LIMO homogenizers can produce many different beam shapes making it extremely versatile in use.
LIMO's process head?Compact Beam Shaper?(CBS) has a compact design and uses integrated high-grade micro-optics to generate line-shaped or square laser beams




As of Dec. 31, 2018, Focuslight has filed 703 patents, with 407 patents being granted.


Focuslight has registered 282 trademarks, including 71 international trademarks registered in the United States, Japan, Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Korea, Russia, Turkey, Israel, Canada and other countries, and 209 Chinese trademark registrations.

National Standards


Focuslight co-authored two national standards, providing technical reference and guidance for the production and use of semiconductor lasers.



Focuslight CEO Dr. Victor Liu co-authored the technical book titled “Packaging of High Power Semiconductor Lasers” published by Springer in 2015.

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